If you are a fan of wildlife and would like to take a deeper look into it, or maybe take photos of wild animals, then we recommend our wildlife park in Ivo. The Ivo wildlife park is an area of 320 hectares, with forest streams flowing through it and surrounded by mountains. This region creates the magical milieu where moose, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar can live in their natural environment. Our modifications to the wildlife park are as minimal as possible: we added only a few dirt roads and fences to the beauty of naked nature..

About us

Our goal is to provide our animals with the greatest possible freedom – so they can develop in their natural environment. We are proud that Transylvania, in terms of natural resources, is still one of the most untouched parts of Europe, which is why we consider nature-friendly farming and environmental protection to be our goal.
We keep our animals away from the human environment, in their natural habitat, so human contact is minimal. Since they live in their natural environment, they do not need nutritional supplements or hormone treatment. They eat only natural food that can also be found in the park. This stress-free environment is ideal for animal husbandry, because the animals will be healthy thanks to natural food, lack of human intervention and free movement. Come and discover the wildlife of our parks! Take part in a walking tour, tour on horseback – you can capture your experiences on photos and films. Hiking and visiting parks provide pleasant relaxation for all ages. For more information, please contact our team. If you are planning a longer trip to our region, we can also help you with accommodation and other leisure programs.


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